Pathology reports are the most important medical documents:

  • Generally only complete information in a patient file is a pathology report.

Types of pathology reports

  • Free Text

  • Structured

  • Synoptic

CAP what is not synoptic report

CAP video

Pathology reports suffer from the outside forces:

  • Clinicians who do not want (!) "inadequate specimen" reports.

  • We change our diagnosis so that clinicians do not misunderstand

  • Do not write chronic prostitis because they may assume that elevated PSA levels are due to chronic prostitis ???

  • We change our reports so that patients do not misunderstand

    • Change prostate grading scheme so that patients are grade group 1, not in 6 out of 10.

    • Explanatory notes for patients
  • We change tumor names so that insurance firms do not label patients as cancer

    • Change thyoid tumor names (NIFTP)
  • Patoloji Raporunda Yer Alan Tanılar Tekrarlanabilir mi? Are the Pathologic Diagnosis reproducible?

  • Hasta'ya açıklama içeren patoloji raporu

The FAQ initiative explaining pathology reports to patients

Addenda in Pathology Reports: Trends and Their Implications

The Complete Surgical Pathology Report

Pathologist Brings Patients Into the Lab to See Their Cancer Close-Up

‘Please let me see the dragon that I’m slaying!’

An online readability analysis of pathology-related patient education articles: an opportunity for pathologists to educate patients

Pathologists' Perspectives on Disclosing Harmful Pathology Error

CommunicatingUncertainty in Surgical PathologyReports: A Survey of Staff Physicians and Residents at an Academic Medical Center.

Communicating diagnostic uncertainty in surgical pathologyreports: disparities between sender and receiver.

Patients Want Web Access To Test Results But Don't Want To Have To Be A Doctor To Understand Them\#4bd5717e3db5

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