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Name of the Lecture:Pathology Laboratory, How it works?

Required Prior Knowledge:Histology techniques that were described in histology laboratory lectures

Aim of the Lecture:To give a brief introduction for how a pathology laboratory functions in hospitals.

Goals of the lecture:

Students will have a basic knowledge of how pathology laboratory functions in hospital setting

Students will have a basic knowledge about pathologists’ function in hospitals

Lecture Outlines:

  • Specimen Types - Biopsy

    • Core biopsy, tru-cut biopsy

    • Incisional biopsy

    • Excisional Biopsy

    • Radical excision

  • Specimen Types - Cytology

    • Exfoliative Cytology

    • Aspiration Cytology

  • Registry in pathology laboratory and workflow

  • Macroscopy

    • Specimen photography

    • Specimen archive

    • Taking appropriate samples according to guidelines

  • Tissue processing

  • Paraffin embedding

  • Microtome

  • H&E

  • Microscopy

  • Autopsy

  • Frozen section

  • Special techniques

    • Histochemistry

    • Enzyme Histochemistry

    • Immunohistochemistry

    • Immunofluorescence

    • In-situ hybridization

  • Molecular Techniques

  • Pathology Archive

    • Paraffin blocks

    • Slides

    • Printed and Electronic Reports

  • Product of a pathologist is the report

  • Relationship and communication with clinicians

  • Relationship and communication with patients

  • Consultations

  • Telepathology

  • Digital Pathology and Virtual Slides


  1. How to Read Your Pathology Report:

  2. How to Read Your Pathology Report:


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